Our field trial was a super success, due to ALL that was involved. Judges, competitors, Wolverine Dachshund Club, Detroit Beagle Club and supporters that came by. A test of true dedication to the sport which made a successful trial!

A special thanks to all!

With the improved grounds and fences repaired, the population of rabbits was great. With everyone working together beaters flushed the rabbits to leave us good scent for dogs to track. The weather was perfect, folks happy and dogs excited brought the grounds alive to keep a great sport going!

Wolverine Dachshund Club is planning our next great trial for the spring of 2018. Our plan with the Detroit Beagle Club is for additional improvements to the grounds, better water and feeding stations for the existing population of rabbits and adding more rabbits throughout the fall and early spring to enhance our existing population for future trials.

Thanks again and look forward to seeing everyone at our spring field trial! Dates will be announced soon!


Wolverine Dachshund Club