Club Information

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our club. Email us with your questions, or join us at an event. 

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Our Values

The club’s best asset is it’s members. We have members with just one dachshund, some have more and a few are breeders. We have members who belong to DCA & NMDC. Almost all of our members compete in other AKC events like confirmation, obedience, agility and tracking.

The Wolverine Dachshund Club rents the Detroit Beagle Club’s grounds for our events, located 15 miles south of Jackson, Michigan. A large club house to rest, eat and meet. Camping area for motor homes, campers and tents. Electric hook-up with a daily fee. Short drive to area hotels. Large parking area around the club house. Two sets of fenced-in Earth dog tunnels. Twenty-nine acres (2-fields) of fenced-in maintained rabbit habitat.

The field trials draw in 50-90 dachshunds per day. Earth dog has about the same attendance. Earth dog is open to other breeds. Detroit Beagle Club’s clubhouse address is: 10100 Cement City Hwy., Addison, Michigan. See Map







Wolverine Dachshund Club